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Time & Material

Deluxe developes Time and Material model for long-term projects, when it is difficult to estimate the required resources and thus plan the budget. This model provides you with a possibility to pay for company’s services in parts according to the payment agreement specified by the contract. After both sides have agreed on time limits, software, hardware, human and other resources required for your project, Deluxe invoices your monthly charge.

You will have:

To start project on T&M model you must remember:

This business model is quite flexible and highly efficient. But it is hard to predict the final cost of the project and the customer’s requirements can vary depending on different factors.

Fixed Cost

Deluxe also works with customers using the fixed cost model. It is an ideal variant in case if a client determined the specifications of his project clearly. At this rate we analyze client’s requirements in order to estimate the cost of the project, its delivery date and workout a detailed plan of project completion.

Advantages of this model:

Such model is used when the customer understands clearly what he wants to get as the final product and won’t change the requirements during the development process.

Dedicated Team

Deluxe has built a strong team of the brightest, most enquiring minds in the industry, and we form close, collaborative relationships with our clients. We can really understand their needs and deliver intuitive software that exceeds their expectations.

Our teams use different development methodologies. It means developing software by short iterations and implementing top-priority functions at first. You are involved at each stage, give feedback and gradually adjust software functional to the market needs. Thus by the project completion you receive a product aligned with your business aims and market demands.

Our customers get: