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Deluxe team will help you design, develop, deploy and manage next generation of the software products that will drive your business forward.

We are specializing in following areas of web development

Corporate Sites

Deluxe has been designing a wide range of corporate sites. In modern world, every company needs an effective website. We develop sites which underline the unique characteristics of every company and present a professional image to visitors. Our purpose is to create the image that will be an accurate representation of the company and will work with other branding efforts to present consistent messages to customers.

eCommerce Solution

Our specialists build custom e-Commerce solutions based on up-to-date WordPress, Drupal, and Magento frameworks, which offer the widest possible functionality scope along with increased security for both sides of the business process. Anybody couldn’t possibly name a major business in the modern world, which would not be taking advantage of the benefits of this service, and we do our best to keep delivering IT business solutions of the best possible quality to our clients.

Data Integration

Our team successfully implements data integration in everyday work as it is the fastest and most cost effective way to connect data. Data integration involves combining data from several disparate sources, which are stored using various technologies and provide a unified view of the data. It becomes increasingly important in cases of merging systems of two companies or consolidating applications within one company to provide a unified view of the company’s data assets.

Marketing & Promo

More help from Deluxe is creating promo sites and landing pages. Promotional Websites are interactive online brochures for sharing essential information about your business. Clients can visit your website for more information, prices or details about your service and products. Promo sites are combined with basic Social Networking and you can also inform about your service.


Deluxe helps startups to evaluate and describe their ideas by creating web and mobile prototypes of their prospective applications. Our team brings all your ideas from paper to web or mobile screens. You can get initial feedback from your audience before starting full-grade development.

Mobile App

We find suitable cutting-edge technologies and engage the best specialists. This is our main strength which ensures that every customer’s idea is professionally transformed into the right solution. Our experienced Mobile application team uses leading industry standards and best practices, and the projects we take on benefit from this high level of quality.