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Responsive Design

Deluxe SW team uses responsive web design for different projects as it allows you to prominently display important information page-by-page, regardless of space. You’ll always clearly communicate your brand value.

As well known responsive website design accommodates user behavior today and anticipates the device delivery innovations that will impact consumer behavior in the future. Consolidating all your content into one site, responsive website design delivers seamless interaction and a flawless user experience device-to-device. Our team will leverage our responsive design expertise and help you engage your customers with fluid design, flexible images and overall simplicity. Reach your customers on multiple touch points to increase your conversions and grow your business today and in the years to come.

Main features of responsive design
• Be consistent. Save time. Responsive web design is reliant on CSS, a form of website communication that governs features like fonts, layouts, spacing and colors. CSS takes the content you already have and makes it more attractive; what’s more, it also ensures consistent styling on web pages throughout your site. And, it saves time, Make a change once; it appears on every page.
• Faster and easier front-end development. We’ll be able to use Bootstrap, an increasingly popular, flexible open-source framework, to create your site. Front-end design and site execution is made easy with Bootstrap. You’ll have the benefit of continuous metric capabilities to see whether it’s the prominent display of compelling content or a call-to-action that’s center stage in turning browsers to buyers when they’re on your responsive website.
• Accommodate users anytime anywhere. Responsive website design offers your users a seamless experience regardless of device. They can browse, transact or grab information on-the-run. Layouts shift seamlessly device to device.
• Simplified user experience and navigations. Design constraints created by the use of smaller screens have led developers and designers to find common ground in developing for all devices. This means design, images, content presentation and functionality have been simplified for multiple device use. This simplicity helps with navigation and interactivity allowing for customers to experience your site more efficiently and quickly.